C.G.M. has the constant goal of consolidation and development of its leading position in the industry in which it operates.

To achieve this goal, given the evolution of the market towards exceptional competitiveness, we therefore felt the need to adopt a suitable quality policy.

The basic principle on which the policy is based is ensuring complete customer satisfaction through the systematic implementation of a Quality Management System compliant with the requirements of UNI EN 9001: 2000 and TS,with the intent to pursue the continuous improvement of internal processes.

C.G.M. has distinguished their service by adapting more and more to the needs of an important and significant clientele.


To maintain and strengthen our market position, and to increase customer confidence in the company's abilities, the management intends to:

  • maintain and manage a system for research and deepening understanding of needs of our customers;
  • employ exceptional and experienced personnel for all workshop activities;
  • to continually increase awareness that everyone's work, in close collaboration with customers, is a key company asset.

To meet these goals, we have acted to implement a Quality Management System, to act as a stimulus for the growth opportunities that will present themselves. We have also made the Head of Quality Assurance responsible for following the manual, and ensuring its proper implementation and regulatory compliance.

The management also involves the entire staff at C.G.M. to ensure these objectives, together with a correct understanding and implementation of statutory and regulatory requirements, become an integral part of the daily work ethic within the company.

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